The Designer Boys



Welcome to our Family! A good website design takes skill. Skill in creating order and beauty, a visually exciting landscape that makes sense too. It isn't enough to only give good information to your visitors - many elements must be present to create a website that yields real results. Easy navigation, style, visual impact, uniqueness, well-constructed simplicity, and above all, getting your message across clearly, all go into good web design. The Designer Boys brings it all together for you. We mesh custom layout with your needs to create a truly unique, truly exceptional website.

Our philosophy has been to stay small and grow our business naturally. This allows us to give each client individual and personal attention, and develop strong relationships along the way. We want every project we do to end up on our portfolio as a website we are proud of.

We are not just looking for jobs, we are looking for professional associates to work with for years. By supplying your company with the finest in creative and customer service, we want to keep you in The Designer Boys family, ever improving and increasing our combined success.

It is important that your website be user-friendly as well as visually appealing, and we'll go the extra mile to ensure that your visitors enjoy a positive web surfing experience - again and again.

Please browse through our website and visit our portfolio page to see some of the work that we have done. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us, The Designer Boys - Creators of design websites and hosting packages since 2005!